About Us

Gabriel Cannon, MA, Registered Therapist

Gabriel Cannon holds a MA in Counseling Psychology and a BA in Human Development and Adventure Education. Gabriel has worked with youth and young adults in a variety of ways over the past 20 years. Gabriel is a counselor and mentor who specializes in youth education, adolescent transitions, addiction, family systems, and moderate to persistent mental health issues. He works with youth, adolescents, adults, and families. Gabriel has worked in mainstream clinical settings, outdoor adventure programs, schools, adolescent treatment programs, and rite-of-passage programs. Gabriel is the founder of Boulder Mentors and works year round as a mentor for young men. Gabriel is also the Lead Counselor at the Boys School of Denver, a movement-based school. Gabriel was on the founding team at the Boys School in 2017/18 and he will return each year to continue the success of the integrated counseling department. In this setting, Gabriel supports individual students and works with educators to increase social and emotional awareness within the classroom. 

Tal Liza Mizrahi, MA, Registered Therapist

Tal Liza (Taliza!) Mizrahi holds an MA in Somatic Counseling Psychology and specializes in serving Tweens, Teens, and Young Adults through a combination of Creative Arts Therapies, Group Work, and Youth and Young Adult Mentoring. Tal has been dedicated to youth development and mentoring for the last two decades. She is passionate about supporting youth and their families in the often-complex transitions from childhood to adolescence, throughout the rich teen years, and through the journey out of adolescence and toward a healthy, embodied young adulthood. Tal has a deep faith in the amazing possibility of what an embodied person can accomplish in the world.  Tal has served in a variety of settings from on-campus counselor for undergrad and grad students at Naropa University, Hip Hop dance teacher and youth empowerment facilitator, Family Therapist and Behavior Coach for high-risk youth and families, rites of passage youth leader and therapist, Spiritual Mentor to hundreds of youth through her Buddhist community, and as a private therapist, mentor and case manager for youth from diverse backgrounds.

Rachael Bonaiuto, MA, LPC

Rachael Bonaiuto holds a Masters degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Board Certified Dance-Movement Therapist. Rachael has served youth, young adults and adults in various settings, including the criminal justice system, transitional living programs, cross-cultural education, addiction rehabilitation, low income mental health and school programing. She is particularly called to guide women of all ages through the profound and important portals of various life transitions. Rachael teaches Authentic Movement at Naropa University, where she began her training of this embodiment practice in 2004. She offers private sessions, supervision, group facilitation and workshops in the community using both the profound discipline of Authentic Movement and the inherent intelligence of Body-oriented Psychotherapy. Rachael dances through life with her precious family - her endlessly compassionate husband and their loving children, Rafael (4) and Anya (2).

Jason Geoffrion, Ph.D

Jason is proud to serve as Executive Director of the Men’s Leadership Alliance (MLA) for over 8 years. Jason and MLA collaborate with Boulder Mentors to offer a summer rite of passage experience for boys. He is dedicated to bringing embodied ceremony and ritual back into regular community practice, building inter-generational bridges, engendering collaboration between the masculine and feminine, developing local and worldwide networks of support in the service of empowering initiatives that positively effect community, and reconnecting humans with the natural world. ​Certified as a 4Gateways Life Coach and Trainer and as a Psychotherapist, Jason provides individual and group opportunities to further deepen into all life has to offer and is devoted to supporting men, women, youth and elders in all their passages, thresholds and gateways throughout the lifespan. He has guided men’s retreats, rites of passages, vision quests, wilderness trips, father/son programs and leadership retreats for men and boys of all ages.

Laura Cannon, BSN, MA, LPC, CAC II

Laura Cannon is a licensed professional counselor. She specializes in high school to collage transitions, pregnancy and postpartum, grief and loss, and addiction. Laura has worked in a variety of clinical settings including dual diagnosis treatment and grief counseling. Laura just completed her bachelor's degree in nursing so that she can work more effectively with pregnant and post-partum women. Laura obtained her Masters Degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and her Nursing Degree from University of Colorado, Denver. 

New Mentors Coming

Boulder Mentors is in touch with many other practitioners in the area that practice a variety of therapeutic skills. We can help you find the right person for you and your family. Contact us for more information.