What people are saying...

"Taliza is truly the reason I made it out of high school in one piece. Although this statement may sound exaggerated and hyperbolic, I can confidently say that had it not be for Taliza's presence in my life I would not be the person I am today. Having Taliza as an integral part of my life provided me with consistency and warmth that I simply did not have in any of my relationships. Taliza's unconditional positive regard enabled me to face my challenges with confidence as a result of the unending support I received from her.
Taliza is one of those rare people who inspire you to be more, simply through her presence. Although her positivity is infectious, it is her empathy and genuine compassion that makes Taliza the person she is. In my life there have been few people who have brought so much light and goodness into my life. I hope that my children are able to find role models like I found in Taliza."

- R.B. 21-year-old young woman (mentee of Tal since middle school)

"Gabriel Cannon is a uniquely skilled and attractively wild emerging leader serving young people. Throughout the course of his life, this playful and resilient man has naturally been focused on serving the next generation. Whether young people are in crisis or are seeking their fullest potential, he always meets them where they are with curiosity and non judgmental love. As a result, Gabriel is revered and trusted by young people. He is a master at fun. And, he is focused, disciplined, and clear about the kinds of behaviors that cause young people to rise into their greatness. He invites the best out of the young people he mentors. He invites that from himself too. Parents, educators, therapists, and youth, Gabriel offers humanity a rare gift …He inspires everyone to  be fully their own unique and natural selves."

-Melissa Michaels, Ed.D., Founder of Golden Bridge and Surfing the Creative

“Tal Liza is a rare gem of a human being. She brings a lovely balance of deep insight and tender open-heartedness to everyone she meets. She has been a huge force in my daughter’s life, helping her to see her talents and worthiness at times when the world and the media seemed to be shouting the opposite at her. Tal Liza has a way of making even the most troubled young adults feel completely adored and seen. Honestly, I believe she is the most present and loving being I have ever met. Out of 5 stars, I would give her a 10!”

- Mother of a teenage daughter, Boulder, CO

"Gabriel had been working with my two teenage boys for about six months. We have tried traditional therapy in the past but it has always been a battle to get them to go see someone and talk about themselves. Gabriel has become someone my boys want to see weekly and someone they trust. I am relieved to have him as I know they have "secrets" and "fears" that they don't want, as young men, to tell their mother. He gives them advice on how to handle tricky situations with their peers and the choices they are given daily.  They believe and I believe, he can help them navigate their way through these often very confusing  teenage years. As a divorced mother I have found a great sense of relief in knowing that they have someone to confide in who never chastises them or gets emotionally charged as parents are apt to do. Gabriel has helped my ex husband and I create a united front on most issues and the boys understand that if Gabriel is also on that front that they have a voice and will be heard. He cares for them, and they in turn think he is cool and wise.  I only wish I had had someone as compassionate and understanding as Gabriel in my teenage years."

​- Georgia E., 45 year old mother of twin teenage boys

When I thought I couldn't push forward anymore, Tal helped me find the next step to take. Not only has she been an amazing mentor; she is an inspiration, motivation, passionate, positive, joyous, intelligent, fun, creative and unconditionally supportive.  When there was a block in my life that would get me frustrated, Tal helped me find the beauty in everything and a way to get through it. Watching her dance or being at a workshop lead by her, she can get me to a state in my dancing where I feel a sense of complete release. It's because she creates a non-judgmental space of trust and safety. Tal Liza always gives me a sense of encouragement; no matter the time, day, or place.  I feel like I never stop learning from her and she makes me hungry for more information. She sees more talent and ability in me then I do in myself, she helps bring that out in me. 

- K.T. Boulder, CO - 21-year-old young woman

"I have know Gabriel for over 15 years. Most notable during this period was a wonderful car caravan camping journey we made to Baja with a very large group of children to experience the gray whales in Laguna San Ignacio. He was part of my staff and what a journey!   Exciting, amazing, challenging -  a full range of life experiences in the two week period. I was so glad Gabriel was with me. I relied on him and trusted  him completely. I am glad to see him step into  mentoring youth and young adults more fully and look forward to recommending him to parents and children that I serve." 


- Sage Hamilton, Founder of Waldorf Inspired Homeschool Programs

Taliza Mizrahi's joy is contagious. A brilliant  and soulful mover and shaker herself, Taliza is a role model for so many of the young ones. Her dedication to serving the next generation with kindness, clarity, and unwavering devotion is unlike few others. Young people trust her. And, I trust Taliza with the youth. In fact, she has impeccably mentored my own child and hundreds of young people who work within our organization, Golden Bridge. It is my honor to have mentored Taliza and now to work side by side with her as colleagues and respected friends. She is a precious resource in our community. If your child gets a chance to work with Taliza, they will be amongst a special group of young people, all of whom are today thriving.

- Melissa Michaels, Ed.D. - Mother to youth mentee, Employer and Mentor